How Ultimate Paranormal Works

Ultimate Paranormal focuses on… ghosts! But due to our fully accredited and insured traditional travel program, we can blend the best of both worlds or just focus on the paranormal for you. It is because of this that we have several ways to work with us. Traditional travel suppliers don’t always provide travel agents access to the very best haunted hotels and if you are going in search of ghosts… why would give you anything less?

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Full-Service Travel - Planning and Booking! In this scenario, we have a conversation about the paranormal and traditional travel activities which you are seeking. We then plan an itinerary and book your entire vacation for you, also, providing the option of travel insurance to provide an option for a refund just in case life gets in the way. We review your itinerary and make any changes you want, prior to finalizing the booking. We do take a $50 deposit after the initial consultation and prior to providing the initial itinerary. This deposit is credited to your final booking, when done through us, but forfeited if you book through other channels.

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In the case of our services we may recommend you switch you from one program to another. If you are doing full-service travel but our travel suppliers are going to charge more for a room than you can book it for yourself, we will notify you and give you the opportunity to switch to another plan. Why do we do this? Because we know you are going to shop it and we want to be your first stop for your travel plans. Creating an amazing experience for our clients means that clients return time and again. We would much rather have a long-term relationship with you than make a quick buck on a single adventure. In our opinion, that’s just good business!


Add items to your own itinerary as needed! We often receive requests for the best haunted hotel or ghost tour or haunted locations in a particular place. We are happy to provide you the information! We charge $10 per request and use our extensive expertise to provide the very best fit for you. You might call and ask, “What’s the best ghost tour in New Orleans?” We will find out a bit more about what you are looking for and give you our top 3 picks including why we think they will work for you. Perhaps, next, you ask for a good haunted hotel to stay in. We find out a bit more about what you are seeking, the amenities, location, activity, etc. and provide our top 3 recommendations and why. With this option, you will be responsible for making the reservations for each activity on your own.


Plan your itinerary for you! This is a great option for those who are looking for a weekend away and aren’t ready to commit or need flexibility in dates. You call us and make a request such as: “A group of 4 of us are wanting a haunted weekend but we also want time on the beach.” We will find out more about your paranormal and traditional interests and then plan an itinerary for you or your group. We charge $50 per day of itinerary planned. What’s wonderful about this is that it’s an easy add to an already planned vacation. Perhaps you are taking a 7-day vacation but only need 2 days planned? This option provides you a comprehensive list of paranormal and traditional travel activities, to fill 2 days!

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